Re: Lights out at the "Pub"

Tim O'Connor

Tony, what I said was in the context of referring to the current practice
of heavily weathered models --

That level of rust and filth obviously existed prior to 1990, but it was
not the majority of freight cars.

After 1990 (a ballpark figure) it's not hard to find incredibly dirty cars,
to say nothing of graffiti.

Whatever. YMMV.

I haven't "forgotten" anything. I don't model yards before 1950 -- Why should
I care what they look like? From 1950 to 1960 railroads and private owners bought
about 700,000 new freight cars and probably repainted a similar number of cars . . .

      Ah, yes, but you specifically said "before 1990." I was just responding to that, in that not EVERYTHING before 1990 was the 1950-60 stuff.

Tony Thompson

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