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True, but some take time to appreciate that they have the choice. One modeler I knew in the 70's invited first time visitors to run a train on his layout. He didn't offer any guidance or announce it was a test, but he noted how you approached the offer and how you performed and after a circuit around the layout he would tell you if you looked like a passenger engineer, freight hogger, or simply a brakeman. That designation, he told you, would determine what jobs and what trust level you could earn. Some visitors took a while but worked their way to higher trust, others got high trust by their obvious care and willingness to run at scale speeds naturally, and some never got it, and eventually weren't invited back. Time allows for some growth, and still allows for basket cases to be "designated for assignment."

Since he was my best friend's neighbor, I appreciated his willingness to let this brakeman learn over time :-)


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And seriousness is not a function of time. It's a

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