Re: Was - Re: Lights out at the "Pub"

Jim Betz

Creeping out of the dark corners again ...

So here's the other side of the "dark secret" ...

What I will miss about not having Prototype Modeler,
Mainline Modeler, RMC, and so many others is the

- articles -

because they were/are a great resource for modeling
techniques, tools, and products.
And the yahoo groups (and other such 'lists') don't
quite have the same level of detail in them that the
magazine articles had ... or the topic drags out over
several days and it is difficult to separate the wheat
from the chaff.
MRH does have 'in depth articles' ... in fact their
articles are often more complete than many/most
of the articles in the mags. But MRH also is "the
new kid on the block" and so it doesn't have the
long history of articles.
Said another way - if I want to look up a topic
(especially a 'how to') then I often get better/more
complete info from a 10-year old magazine article
than I do from other sources.

The other nice thing about the magazines is that
they tended to 'spark interest in some topic or
other' ... on a monthly basis they "prodded us to
think about and work on stuff we might not have
worked on if it hadn't been for some article". I
have fond memories of "going out to the club on
a Friday night and spending the majority of the time
there just "talking about modeling" ... inspired by the
just arrived RMC/MR/whatever issue and the articles
in it.

... Maybe what we need in this age of "everything
is online" are web sites devoted to "articles" about
model railroading where we share our 'clinics' on
any and all things model railroading?
And not just another yahoo group where we
discuss/debate/argue about this and that and
where everything seems to go "off topic" and
threads get so derailed that the useable content
ends up getting tossed rather than put in
another box car for delivery?
- Jim

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