Re: The final word on Gerry Glow?

Tim O'Connor


How IRONIC that 3D printing advancements are making virtually any
freight car you want available while lettering is fast becoming a
very scarce commodity!

Apropos of nothing, but I watched a talk on C-Span the other day about
the use of digital design software (AutoDesk) to design biological structures
(in this case, auto-designed genomic viruses to attack cancer cells) that
promise to create medicines that work with only ONE person (based on your own
DNA) but will be safe, completely effective and presently can be manufactured for
less than $1,000 for a life saving treatment. The virus structures are 3-D printed
and can't even be seen without an extremely powerful microscope!

Tim O'

Yep and equally distressing on the same page the announcement that owner Ron Roberts of Rail Graphics is planning to retire. Ron prints a lot of decals for those small independent decal creators. I know he does the M&StL decals for KJ�s Trains.
Doug Harding

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