Richard's Hendrickson's Celebration of Life



Today I received a note from Sandra Hendrickson in which she asked me to express to the STMFC her thanks for the many kind words about Richard from members of the STMFC. She also described Richard's Celebration of Life which occurred on August 16. I think the best way to pass on Sandra's thanks is to simply include her message to me:

"Richard's Celebration of Life was held on Saturday, August 16th, at our Ashland Community Center (the same place I rented to celebrate his 80th birthday!) There were an extraordinary number of people there who gathered to share stories, adventures, memories and to connect with each other to give some closure to Richard's passing. Tony Thompson gave a wonderful, abbreviated version of his Memorial blog. Greg Martin, from Salem, OR was there too. As were my chosen Ashland "family", my siblings, and Richard's children and ex-wife (who is also my friend). There is no way to relate to you the feelings that circulated in that Community Center. They were powerful, and often joyful. I wanted to write to you again, to ask you to relay my gratitude to all those members of the STMFC who sent wonderful, sharing E-mails and stories about their relationships with Richard. I treasure those notes.
Thank you,

She also mentioned in another message about STMFC members..."I hope that if any of them have occasion to come to southern Oregon, they'll stop by for a visit".

Mike Brock

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