Re: Lights out at the "Pub"

Andy Harman

At 12:43 PM 8/23/2014 -0700, you wrote:
Speaking for myself, I have happily submitted articles to the magazine of my historical society (SPH&TS) with full knowledge that there was no payment.
When I submitting my article to RMC, it was rather naively with no expectation of payment - at least not with any number in mind. I had no idea whether to expect 5 bucks, 500 bucks, or 5000 bucks. I wasn't doing it for the money. I was documenting a model I would have built anyway, and with any luck I'd get an ego trip out of it. In the end, I was paid quite a bit more than I expected. Enough to at least cover the cost of materials for the model including a lot of stuff that basically was scrapped in the process. Not enough to quit my day job or try to make a living at it, or even something I could count on to pay for my hobby. I'm glad I did it, but I never did another print article. I prefer the 2-way presentation of a clinic or just documenting progress on line. The whole status thing of being a published author went from a big time goal to a novelty to BTDT got the T shirt in a very short span of time.

I managed to survive my thirties and forties without giving in to the temptation to try and turn my hobby into a business. Somewhere along the way I learned from other people's mistakes. As to the many who have done so and in the process greatly enhanced my own modeling experience - it's great as long as it's fun. When I see a friend who used to be a hard core modeler now on the other side of the fence grousing about rivet counters, all I can say is another one bites the dust. I'm going to stay on this side of the fence.


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