Re: The Ephemeral Nature of Modeling

Andy Harman

At 06:34 PM 8/24/2014 +0000, you wrote:
the modeling is pretty dated at this point (and in fact, some was dated the day the book was published!
I recently found my name via search, intentional mis-spelling, and burning ears on a forum that I no longer participate in. The poster said my article (from 1999) was now "just a footnote in history" due to the release of a new model. Of course it's true, but I doubt if anybody actually built the thing I built using my techniques at the time anyway. But maybe somebody got some ideas to build something else. And the new model is actually better than the one I spent ~18 months building, which is very gratifying - the manufacturer really did their homework. And at the same time, the new RTR model does NOT make mine look sick either. I can line them up and it's pretty difficult to find any differences.

15 years of "relevancy" for a single modeling article probably isn't a record - there's one from 31 years ago that is still highly relevant due to half a dozen manufacturers completely failing to do better, but that may come to an end in the next 12 months. Anyway, none of this is a reason not to build a model or write an article. No regrets whatsoever. The main thing is I built something that was but a dream at the time, with the ego incentive and encouragement from Bill Schaumburg. Got a lot of mileage out of it, and probably will continue as my model runs with its four younger brothers on my present and future layout.


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