Re: RPC Volume 3

Andy Harman

At 01:44 PM 8/24/2014 -0500, you wrote:
RPC Volume 3 is the only volume not in my collection. Two years ago I bid on an eBay offering for Volumes 1-3, and I quit bidding at $120. In May 2013, Volume 3 alone sold at auction for $161.50. I'm not about to pay that kind of money, even for the sake of having a complete collection. If anybody out there has a duplicate Volume 3 at a sane price, please contact me OFF LIST.
I am missing quite a few RPCycs and unfortunately I never remember which ones when I come across some for sale.

Kind of surprising that #1 is now considered valuable. Seems like more of #1 were printed than any subsequent volumes and they were being given away like candy at some RPM meets. I know I have more than one. I guess I know what to roll out on ebay next time around :-)


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