Re: The final word on Gerry Glow?

Andy Harman

At 03:03 PM 8/24/2014 -0500, you wrote:
Yep and equally distressing on the same page the announcement that owner Ron Roberts of Rail Graphics is planning to retire. Ron prints a lot of decals for those small independent decal creators. I know he does the M&StL decals for KJ s Trains.
Ouch. I've been buying and seeking a lot of those indie decal sheets lately, particularly Mark Vaughn and another guy who was selling a lot of different sets at St. Louis last year. If they're using Rail Graphics, hopefully they can find someone else.

In the 15 years(?) since the demise of ALPS, I'm astonished no other printer manufacturer has stepped up with white ink capability. I've heard various experiments of putting white ink into black cartridges and basically tricking the printer, but I have no ability to do that. So many of the decals I need are one shot - reporting marks for a single car, data and dates... I'm either fudging the lettering or forced to cut out a numeral that is about 2 millimeters square and paste it into a string of them and hope they don't all float away when I try to set them. I really need my own printer if I'm ever going to become a decent freight car modeler for my era.


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