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Dave Sarther

Thanks for once again sharing your research with us.  Marty, thanks for making the information available in such a great format through your blog.   While I was at the Naperville/Lisle meets in 2012 and 2013 I was not able to get a seat in the "Perishables" presentation.  So it has been great to get to finally see it.  I made certain that I was plenty early for the 2013 program on "Pattern Making".  I had a front row seat next to Chad Boas for that presentation.  Hopefully, you and Marty can once again team-up to add the "Pattern Making" program to Marty's blog.
Later,  Dave Sarther           Tucson, AZ

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I want to thank Marty for creating his Freight Car Blog and allowing me to house my presentation "North from Florida: Moving Perishables to Market on the FGE/WFE/BRE System." Here is a link to Marty's Blog:
This is a presentation I have done at Lisle and Cocoa Beach and a couple of other venues. Because it will now be read rather than narrated at some point soon I want to add a couple of slides to expand a couple of subjects in the presentation if it is okay with Marty. I particularly appreciate Marty agreeing to my wishes to keep it together rather than breaking it up. Please let him know what you think about having this sort of thing accessible in this way. If this method of sharing proves useful, I plan to post the presentation I created about Freight Car Pattern Making.

Regarding the photos of Produce Trains, if anyone knows where I can obtain photographic prints or digital copies of the Southern, L&N, and ACL photos, please let me know. Those images in the presentation are halftones. Also I need to correct the caption for the ACL photo as it is actually a southbound train with empties. I would like to find more photos of ACL reefer blocks and PRR and B&O reefer blocks that carried the reefer blocks north from Potomac Yard. I have never seen any.

I hope you will please think about how to thank, support, and contribute content to this Blog.

Bill Welch

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