Re: 5/6/5 door or ? (was NKP 40' boxcar)

Tom Madden

There were two different 5/6/5 WestRail boxcar doors. WestRail D-1001 "Youngstown Corr. Doors (Scale Height)" were cast in red polyester resin, complete with tack boards and were 9'-9" tall. Richard later offered injection molded ones in black plastic, also 9'-9" tall but without the tack boards. No catalog number that I can see, labeled "Early style (1939-1947) Youngstown Corrugated 6' Box Car Doors for C&BT Shops AAR 40' Box Cars".

Then there's Westerfield's #2863 5/6/5 Youngstown doors, which are 10'-1" tall, the extra height all coming from much wider splice panels.

Tom Madden, rummaging through his stash...

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