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Exactly my point, Tim.

I took anther look at my two photos of the 8-48 built (40' Rock Island) PS-1s, and while I can't see the lettering on that corner, I now know what it says!
Arved Grass
Fleming Island, Florida

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I think what stimulated Arved's question was that the WHOLE CAR is new.
So the fact that RI applied a stencil especially for the roof seems a little
bit odd. Kadee by the way faithfully included that stencil on their model.

Tim O'Connor

>It was common to so letter a car on the Rock Island when new roofs were installed. I have not seen pictures of another carrier use similar lettering. There is a decal for it included in the Rocket Express 50 foot single sheathed boxcar kit.
>gary laakso

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