Re: Need PS-2 data

Rick Jesionowski

A lot of these cars went off the home roads, in my area alone the Ann Arbor had a raft of these cars, half were in service to the Dundee Cement Plant in Dundee Michigan and the rest furnished sand from Yuma, MI to the Ford Engine Casting Plants in Lima and Cleveland, Ohio.

The Detroit and Toledo Shoreline cars were also in sand service to the same locations from their sand pit in Rockland, MI.

The Wabash served a sand pit in Wolcottville, IN and shipped the sand to various concrete plants in Northwestern, Ohio as their sand was approved by ODOT for use in concrete on Highway Projects.

The NKP serviced the Diamond Shamrock plant and send Soda Ash and other Soda products all over the country using the smaller cars and as car size increased they substituted the newer cars as Soda Ash was a lighter product.

Rick Jesionowski

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