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A&Y Dave in MD

I'd like a 1937 era Southern Railway roster.  The diagrams probably exist in Kennesaw at the SRHA archives, but the only diagrams books are for later eras.


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Although these are never-ending projects, I find myself in a bit of a lull after completing the DL&W 1954-1958 roster (together with the PRR & Erie rosters previously posted).

So I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion about another eastern roster they would like to see?  NYC is already done (online) and there is already a good Reading roster in the Color Guide.  So what about Leaky Valley?  It would be best if there was a good class designation and class diagrams available as there were for PRR, Erie & DL&W.  Also, I would be more interested in any RR that interchanged with the PRR and ran extensively in the State of Pennsylvania.


-- John

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