Re: Speedwitch's "Freight Cars in Context" Mystery


Hi Gene,
                Well, I'll grant you a lot has changed in Union, Iowa since the days before the second
world war. I found that the main street was just about unrecognizable, with all newer structures
replacing just about everything. If you go to the towns library web site you can down load a .pdf
photo album of Union in days past, and you will see the church visible in the back round of 
some of the's a dead ringer, with a very odd steeple roof. It's apparently gone now
and it's got me wondering if a natural disaster (tornado) or something had changed the face of
Union, Iowa forever? This guy who took all the wonderful freight car photos is the mystery to me,
why would you do it, and I'm sure, judging from the road names, that he had his favorites from
the local heartland railroads.

                                                                                                   Jerry Stewart

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