Re: Layout lines on Styrene

Michael Watnoski

Hi Scott,

    I see you have a lot of help with this one.  My method is to use calipers set to dimension of the first row, lock the jaws with the screw, and slide it across the edge of the sheet.  The sharp points will scratch the styrene slightly.  To make the lines stand out, rub your finger across a pencil point and wipe your finger on the sheet.  This will highlight the scribed line enough to see easily.

    Next, press the zero button on calipers, (I am assuming you are using digital calipers), and set the calipers at the dimension of offset of the rows.  Scribe the line again and repeat until all rows are finished.  Repeat again along the the side edge for column markings.

    Find a sewing needle, a straight pin will not work.  Measure the shaft diameter.  Drill a hole slightly smaller in the end of dowel about to 8 inches long.  Place the pin in a vise, point side down.  Lightly hammer the dowel over the eye of the needle.  Use this tool as a center punch by pressing down at the intersection of the lines.

    This takes a lot longer to explain than to actually do.  A couple of caveats about the needle, the tip is hardened and brittle.  Use with care and safety glasses.  Do not use a lot of sideways pressure least you snap the point off.  Make a bunch of these at the same time as you will find a lot uses for them.


On 9/3/2014 4:27 PM, repairman87@... [STMFC] wrote:

What would be good to use to layout out some fine lines to drill holes along?  

I am making a brake step and am going to drill #80 holes in it to simulate the tread pattern.  I want the holes to all be lined up.  I have tried pencil and pen but the width of the line is wider then the #80 so the holes start to drift.


Scott McDonald

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