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Armand Premo

Which brings up another issue.......................rolling quality.I would like to hear what members of this list do in the attempt to standardize the  rolling quality of their freight car fleet .Armand Premo

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Andy Carlson writes regarding Denny Anspach's comments about semi scale
wheels and possible truck applications:

"I don't understand your point, as you have shared this many times over the

Well, I think Denny was pointing out the various applications of semi scale
wheels to a variety of different manufacturer's trucks. Being a modeler of
a few more yrs than some perhaps and, therefore, the owner of a variety of
different trucks, I found it quite useful. Some of this is because I haven't
done enough research into the various wheel axle lengths of available wheels
and truck dimensions.

"Tahoe trucks run very well, perhaps the best in the whole industry-EVER."

I don't disagree with that...given what I have heard. However, [ don't tell
anyone ] I don't have any. I've been spending too much time making sure DCC
functions during my Jan op session during Prototype Rails and haven't
pursued Tahoe trucks. Yes, I have been sleeping with the NCE manual.
However, we definitely need a vendor at Prototype Rails selling Tahoe trucks
[ hint ].

"I think over analyzing something that performs already to peak
satisfaction isn't accomplishing much."

Well, it is if you put the wrong wheel in the wrong truck. Note, that Denny
did not refer to Tahoe trucks.
Also, note the STMFC rule: "Members are permitted to criticize or praise
manufacturer's products free from criticism from other members." And,
"Thus, all
admin, security, or "policing" functions will be conducted only by myself or
my representatives."

" There are many areas left to joust over. All Tahoe trucks run well within
the .006" range axle lengths you have noted."

Good. Now all I have to do is find some Tahoe's.

Mike Brock

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