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Armand Premo

    Well,well,well Mike.By standardization I mean personal standards or preferences if you will.Operational "Go or No Go".As new products become available I will try them, and only to newly built cars .Getting back to "rollability". and trying to set a standard,what test or tests do individuals use? We have minimum standards for just about everything. else.I just finished "upgrading" some of my old,but excellent Storzek resin cars.Again,for clarification Mike I added underframe detail,brake rods and the like that I had not  when I initially built  them.Simply put Mike ,upgraded to my own current and personal standards.Armand Premo

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Bruce Smith says:

"First, have a home brew."

My sentiments exactly.

"Second, don't worry!"

More good advice.

Armand says: "Bruce,We strive to standardize car weight and couplers yet
with the variety of wheel sets available do we attempt to standardize?. "

Huh? Car weight? I couldn't care less what a car weighs. Yes, I know the
NMRA has its "standard" and that's fine with me. I recall building a
Westerfield GN SS 50 ft auto car and proudly painted and decaled it. Then I
proudly noticed that I had not added any weight to its interior. Hmmm. OK,
following Richard's view that the bottom should only be viewed from
trackside [ what?, me have a derailment? ] I merely inserted flexible lead
weights inside the 2 center sills. Voila! And, I might note that several
"bo's" thanked me for leaving all that open space in the car's interior.

Standardize couplers? Who says? I have Kadee 5's and Kadee 58's on various
cars. I have no idea which. I do put 58's on new stuff. You mean I should
retrofit? Are you serious?

I will also admit that I filed a flat spot on a car's wheel. Sounds pretty

Mike Brock...Bruce, don't forget the home brew next Jan.

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