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Actually, the length of the grade is implied by the statement that the car must spontaneously start and roll for at least one car length. The standard states 2.5% or LESS, and the implication is that spontaneous roll will occur for one car length on any grade. This means that the grade need only be approximately twice the length of the longest car to be tested, and that flat track must be flat (0% grade).

The club wrote the standard, so the club is free to interpret the standard however they choose so long as they are consistent.

 Nelson Moyer

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Not to be picky, but that is not the way I read the standard.  In fact, the car could be a “lead sled” on a grade of 1%, just so long as it starts rolling at or before the grade getting to 2.5%.

BTW, the length of the grade is not specified so the standard is missing an important component ;)



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1.   Rolling stock (excluding locomotives and other track powered equipment) must initiate spontaneous motion on a grade of 2.5

% or LESS
 and have a  smooth, steady, uninterrupted roll for at least

one full car body length.

The grade specification means that a car will roll spontaneously on any grade. Tahoe Model Works trucks readily meet this specification, while Kadee and Walthers trucks may or may not meet the

specification depending upon the wheel sets used.

Nelson Moyer

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