Re: O&W Hopper Rolling Characteristics

Armand Premo

Sorry Mike,try as I might I have been unable to document an O&W hopper ever appearing on any of the three previously mentioned railroads.Now the flat car might be of some interest..Have you tried the LaSalle & Bureau County ?Armand Premo

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Bruce Smith says:

"Harriman, not Bruceford� unless the car has <GASP> moved?"

Upon further review again, as far as can be determined, only the trucks
remain at Harriman...rusted to the rails. The rest of the car is now
residing at Bruceford on a flat car. As I understand it, the plan is to test
the flat car to see if it satisfies the requirements of Bob Chaparro's club.
In the event that it does not, I think the plan is to see if Armand Primo's
Central Vermont, Rutland, CN or whatever he does up there will take it. Of
course he'll have to provide trucks. We will include the coal load.

Mike Brock




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