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Living in Houston, we build our homes on shifting clay. Any house built here that is 40 years old probably needs foundation leveling. Many a layout has been built level, yet with good wheelsets in cars and shifting houses, many layouts must use weeds or some sort of brake to keep the cars from rolling off. I have heard folks longing for the old days with poor rolling cars that tended to stay put.


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Nelson Moyer writes:

"The club to which I belong has standards for wheels, trucks, detection,
couplers, weight,, rollability, and center of gravity."

Just out of curiousity, what is the minimum radius on curves, minimum frog
size, and maximum grade on your club? 2.5% is a rather significant grade
with very few RR grades exceeding that. Off the top, Saluda's short 3 mile
stretch with a max of 5.1%, mostly 4.7% is the greatest but rather obscure.
The 2.2% of the B&O was, I believe, considered to be a "yardstick" for new
rr's being built out west during westword expansion. It is noteworthy that
N&W had a max of 1.4% on their east/west Christiansburg/Roanoke/Blue Ridge
line, UP did not exceed 1.55% on its Wyoming line, and the WP Feather River
line was 1%.

There is, of course Raton and Donner but...

BTW, I should mention that I have a 1.5% grade of about 80 feet [ all
hidden ] which leads into my Laramie yard. Every now and then a coupler will
fail and I hear the sound of many metal wheels in motion heading for Laramie
so, I guess, the wheels roll freely enough. I do have to make sure the
runaway has a place to go in Laramie. Incidentally, there was a runaway on
the real Sherman Hill back during our time period. A 4-8-4 sitting idle up
on the hill, sans crew, decided to roll back down into Cheyenne. Now, you'd
think that there would have been time to alert a switcher working the west
end of Cheyenne, but, alas, there was not. The 4-8-4 was estimated to be
traveling at 80 mph or more when it hit the switcher.

Mike Brock

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