Re: Wheel Rolling Needs


Nelson Moyer writes:

"Maximum grade on the mainline is 2.38%.
Minimum radius on the mainline is 48 inches.
Minimum on branch lines is 36 inches.
Frogs are mostly No. 9 on the mainline and minimum No. 7 elsewhere (turnouts are hand laid in place).
Rail is Code 83 on the mainline, mostly Code 70 in yards and on spurs and branch lines."

Excellent. 2.38% is certainly prototypical and while I prefer #10-12 frogs [ I run 4-12-2's ] the #9's are good as well. I also use 48" min radius and 36" on a hidden staging track. I use code 83 for mainline and 70 for frt yard tracks. I have to laugh. When I built my Laramie frt yd I wanted the ties sunk down into the ground so I hand laid the wood ties and the sanded them down to about half thickness. After hand laying the rails I discovered low profile ties.

Anyhow, the reason I asked about your club's grades/curve sizes was to point out that such sizes that you have help immensely with the need for weighted cars. I have no trouble at all running frt cars with very light weights because the broad curves don't encourage stringlining of frt trains. Of course, tomorrow...

Mike Brock

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