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So when can we expect to see dcc brakes to offset the free rolling trucks?

mark rickert

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Denny’s efforts to objectively measure and optimize rollability are well-documented. I will say that the RESULT of such tuning is visible on his layout. It includes some grades, and many trains are pulled by steam locomotives. Many of us have steamers that do not pull as well as we may desire; the free-rolling trucks make it possible to pull a train of a “handsome” length up the grade on his model railroad. I have not encountered any issues with his cars when doing yard switching; industrial switching areas are still under construction.Regards,-JeffFrom: STMFC@... [mailto:STMFC@...]Sent: Monday, September 08, 2014 5:28 PMTo: STMFC@...: Re: [STMFC] Re: Tahoe trucks w/ semiscale wheelsBruce,We strive to standardize car weight and couplers yet with the variety of wheel sets available do we attempt to standardize?.My motive power is rated for tonnage,but if I want to have realistic sized trains there should be a degree of uniformity in rolling performance.Admittedly level track is desirable-Armand Premo-- Original Message -----From: 'Bruce F. Smith' smithbf@... [STMFC]<mailto:smithbf@...%20[STMFC]>To: STMFC@...<mailto:STMFC@...>Sent: Monday, September 08, 2014 8:07 PMSubject: RE: [STMFC] Re: Tahoe trucks w/ semiscale wheelsArmand,First, have a home brew. Second, don't worry! Seriously though, I can understand getting close, although again, I wouldn't worry about them all being the same. And a note... there is an argument that maximal roll might not be desirable for several reasons. If for example, I want to HAVE to use helpers and my locos are too powerful, a little rolling resistance might be desirable. Likewise if my yards/sidings are not perfectly level.I select wheel sets that spin freely in the truck, but the ends do not wobbly. I sometimes ream the bearing holes to improve this and rarely, add graphite to the bearing. It usually takes me about 2 minutes per car to get it where I want it, rolling wise.RegardsBruce SmithAuburn, AL________________________________From: STMFC@...<mailto:STMFC@...> [STMFC@...]Sent: Monday, September 08, 2014 6:50 PMTo: STMFC@...<mailto:STMFC@...>Subject: Re: [STMFC] Re: Tahoe trucks w/ semiscale wheelsWhich brings up another issue.......................rolling quality.I would like to hear what members of this list do in the attempt to standardize the rolling quality of their freight car fleet .Armand PremoNo virus found in this message.Checked by AVG -<>Version: 2014.0.4592 / Virus Database: 4015/8178 - Release Date: 09/08/14

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