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hi Rob 
            Thank you that's very helpful. Its a Monon society intermountain kit and does have on the box 9000-9149 series. I am an SP modeler so know very little about the Monon.
Regards Paul 

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Hi Paul;

As you likely know, Monon series 9000-9449 were 10' 0" IH cars built to the 1937 AAR design by Pullman Standard in two lots.  The first 150 cars, delivered in October, 1941  were built as Lot 5667B, and assigned road numbers 9000-9149. In April, 1942, an additional 300 cars of the same design were delivered as Lot 5707, and assigned road numbers 9150-9449. As delivered, both groups had 7 panel Superior doors, W-corner posts with round corners, 7 rung ladders on the sides and ends, Ajax power hand brakes and wood running boards.

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Rob Adams
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Monon  9000-9449 boxcars does any know what type of doors these cars had when new?

Thank you Paul Doggett England

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