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So the Kadee #1562 ASF Ride Control Truck ( would be a better choice than the Kato?

I bought my first pair, but I was very close to buying the Kato trucks. I'm trying to make heads or tails about how the truck should be mounted. Looks like shaving the bolster pin and just screwing the truck in with it's centering device, but I still have to see how the bolster height is effected. Unfortunately, there's no documentation included with the trucks, but I was pleasantly surprised to find solid springs, It still twists for equilization. If anyone thinks I'm mounting them wrong, please let me know.

The Accurail underframe this first pair of trucks will be mated to is currently in the mini-mill to have it's coupler pocket milled off. A Sergent Narrow Shank coupler with Accu-mate scale draft gear box will be fitted. It's going to be a few days at least before I find out for myself how trucks work out.

To the best of my knowledge, Tahoe Model Works doesn't offer 50T ASF Ride Control Trucks. Otherwise, I'd have bought a pair from them.

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Not to make fun of Reboxx (or my friend JP) but this is a
appliance IMO.

For example, a Kato ASF A-3 truck will roll fabulously in
this device.
Then you

put a car on those trucks, and the results are not so good
in my
experience. They

(Reboxx) published a spreadsheet of results which does have
some value
for comparisons

with different trucks and axle lengths.

Tim O'Connor

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