Re: 40 foot Double door boxcars from Canada

Pierre Oliver

Sylvan Scale Models did offer a 40' DD steel boxcar. He doesn't offer freight cars on his website anymore, but a private email request may work.
Pierre Oliver
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I need some help.  I want to do some Canadian boxcars. I have info and photos of the 40 foot single door cars.  I would like to do at least one 40 ft Double door car.  Does anyone have photos of and information on CNR cars in the 573xxx and 587xxx series, or the CPR 296xxx to 299xxx series or the GTW 583xxx and or 585xxx series.  

I model 1953 and would love to have a photo, a diagram and enough info on roofs, doors, ends, trucks and side panel configuration to do a "close enough" bash for one of these cars.

Thanking anyone in advance for help with this.

Questions regarding this can be sent off list if desired so we don't drag non interested parties into and unwanted conversation

Fenton Wells


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