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Paul Koehler



As an ex Anchor Clanker I do know the correct name.  Thanks for the help




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You would be more correct to call the load a “ship’s screw” than propellor.


There is a nice online article on building such a load for a PRR flat car, including a prototype load photo at  

The prototype photo is actually from Life Magazine and can be found at:


You might need to run it through a translator, depending on how good your german is (ein bier bitte is about the extend of mine )


I have the complete 1934 Rules for Loading Open Top Cars from the ARA and no mention of ships screws or propellors in that.





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Does anyone have a copy of the AAR loading rules for "Large ship Propellers".  I would like to make a propeller load on a depressed or well flatcar.  Any help out there?  Thanks


Paul C. Koehler



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