Re: making bolted side trusses for a TT scale master

Tim O'Connor

Jon Miller wrote

  > Last time I looked Testors was MEK with a few other things in it.
  > I think "other things" to make it slower drying

If you want pure MEK just buy it at Home Depot. All of the commercial
plastic adhesives (including Tenax) are mixtures. Testors and Plastruct
contain additives that help with butyl rubber bonds found in ABS. The
original Plastruct parts (before they started making simple polystyrene
parts) were ABS and adhesives like Tenax and solvents like MEK have very
weak effects on them. I use Testors on Branchline, Tenax on Tichy and
Intermountain, and so on... The right tool for each job! :-)

Tim O'

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