Re: making bolted side trusses for a TT scale master


Actually, when I was building patterns, I preferred straight MEK for bonding Evergreen styrene. MEK evaporates so quickly that it was gone before it had time to soak deeply into the sheet or strip, only softening the very surface, which is where the bond is made. The various commercial solvent cements are a mix of slower evaporating solvents that allow it to soak in deeply, softening the part over time.

I believe the recipe for Tenax and Plastruct include solvents that are effective for bonding the acrylic component in ABS. Years ago it was likely methylene chloride,  but probably not any more. I used to build patterns on thick cast acrylic sheet bases, and MEK would hardly touch the stuff. I'd use Tenax to bond a thin sheet of styrene to the cast acrylic, then go with MEK from there.

Dennis Storzek

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