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I could easily have the car done by Naperville, or my next ops, in two weeks, but I don’t have the correct? hand brake. Ed has this series (21xxx-22xxx) hand brakes blank on his list, but I have Ureco down in my notes. Details Associates makes a later version I’ll have to find.
Two errors in my original post.
1- The M&StL covered hopper in my photo is a PS2, not a PS1
2- the CMO cars were built in 42, not the late 40s.
After a long time looking I was able to locate a diagram covering these CMO cars. 

CMO 21400-22414 (even), 508 cars built ca. 4-42 by GATC (Build Order 2885) had Viking roofs, 5-5 Dreadnaught Ends, 10-panel riveted sides, Youngstown doors ("prewar" style like the door offered by InterMountain), Ajax hand brakes, Apex r/b & b/s, 8-rung side ladders, shorter (at the bottom) 7-rung end ladders having the same rung spacing as the sides, 50-ton double truss spring plankless trucks, cast iron wheels (possibly upgraded to steel depending on time), and push-pole pockets. 

I have seen just two photos from this series, 21824 taken in March 1958 by W.C. Whittaker and 22366 taken in 1961 by Paul Dunn (Richard Burg collection). Both photos show the cars after receiving billboard C&NW stencils above the reporting marks, so the lettering was vastly different than when new. 

Ureco hand brakes were on CMO 20000-20048 (even), express box cars, and 20050-20398 (even). These series were part of a larger order of 700 cars (CMO 20000-21398 even) built by ACF ca. 10-41.

Clark, you can now proceed with your model with assurance that the Ajax hand brake is correct. :)
Ed Hawkins

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