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Tangent alert...

Is the tractor like vehicle at the top of the second image a form of track mobile / car mover?

The wheel configuration looks like it would allow two wheels inside the gage and two outside.


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Fran Giacoma asked:
"I purchased a Bachman[n] 52' N&W flatcar for use at the interchange on my B&O Shenandoah SD layout. The simulated wood deck is painted flat black like the rest of the car. Given the built date on the car is 5-56 and the setting for my layout is fall 1956, what would be the actual color of the deck? It just does not look right as it is now."

Builders photos of N&W Class F-3 (built June 1953) from the Virginia Tech Norfolk Southern collection:

Unfortunately, they're in black and white and don't give you a conclusive answer, but the decks are definitely not a light "fresh" lumber color.

Ben Hom

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