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John Larkin

Lot of good ideas out there but there has to be one oddball in the bunch and I guess I'm it.  I looked at a drawing I'd gotten from Lima in high school of a NYC 4-8-6 and have finally decided that a well-run steam road (i.e., N&W) or outstanding steam designs could be financially justified for years past the end of steam on most roads.  In fact, the basis is a 1969 era steam road running home built 4-8-6 and 4-6-8-6 locomotives along with fleets of engines that were bought second hand from major steam roads and were still in good shape, or in a few cases, overhauled engines that just never turned a wheel, all of which means very cheap capital costs.  Thus I can have my NYC 4-8-4 along with a N&W A and throw in some Alleghenys for good measure - this is a road with steep grades in the western part but fairly flat grades on the east, giving long runs for both power and speed.  Bypassing Chicago helps as does access to coal mines online, and a good industrial base with a mix of agriculture makes for a totally imaginary but fun road.  I've actually got a start on a 1.6" scale 4-8-6 but it'll take some time and I need to get both the HO and the 7.5" gauge track built. 

All I need to do now is live to 120 and I'll have it all done, but I'll probably be committed by then.....

John Larkin

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I've given up on trying to be disciplined and have decided to model all eras, scales and gauges.  And all locales too.  It's easier.  Of course I'm just an armchair modeler in N, S, TT, G, No. 1, and so forth but that doesn't matter.  

I do have a sweet pair of brass P48 ARA trucks that's begging for model to be kingpinned to.  Perhaps a steam era 1937 box car might make an appearance at The 'Ville.

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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