Re: NH 62884

Donald B. Valentine

     Interesting photo, Schuyler. Look at the number of cracks in the wood fascia boards especially. Also the differing shapes of the stiles for the ladders. That on the side looks to be about a 3 x 4, rather than a 2 x4,

with the narrow side out. Then, too, look at the attachment of the grab irons, some with square nuts and some with hex nuts. Whatever floats your boat I guess. Below the "2" in the car number we see what must be

a really cobbled repair with two butt joints side by side. Not something done at Readville I'll wager. And look at the way the corner shaped grab

irons are woven together were they meet at the lower right. Makes me

wonder how often this method might have been used on lateral roof walks as well. Lastly we come to the cast iron "wells" for the nuts of the four

stay rods in the end sill. Thats a neat way to do things that I have not

seen before. Great photo! I'm glad you posted it.


Cordially, Don Valentine

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