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In either case, what sources might one access to read further?

What Chris sent to me regarding resources is copied below. I intend
research this further and will be happy to share my findings,
especially where
one might find the ARA Div. V Proceedings and what I uncover in them

From Chris:
" I assume that you are referring to the all-steel
design. Unfortunately, I don't think any of the original
correspondence has
been saved. There was a summary published in the Railway Age report
the summer meeting of the ARA Division V in 1923 held in Atlantic
City as I
recall. More detail of that meeting can be found in the ARA Div. V
Proceedings which are available in a few libraries. There was also a
paragraph in the ARA Board of Directors meeting report, I think in
1924. A
key missing piece of info is the "minority report" apparently provided
to the
ARA Board after the design was approved by Div V. I doubt that was
published, but presumably, therein lies the story of why the ARA Board
not approve the design, despite the Div. V letter ballot in favor of
it in
late 1923.

The AAR does not have any of this stuff anymore so don't bother asking


Ted Culotta

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