Re: Erie Boxcars 71xxx series


I think the series started with 70,000. There are good photos of the ends on the Fallen flags site (Erie-> box cars).

There is a second, similar series of cars with a different end (4 vertical braces?)  and different roof (roof on this second series is like the old AHM double sheathed, double door box).

If I'm not mistaken I wrote the referenced ELHS article.

I've seen many photos, most in MOW service taken by John LaRue. My recollection is you can barely see any side panels (see side shot on the Fallen flags site).

The original cars were single sheathed auto box cars. I've seen one good photo of an original car from the NMRA. Much of my information came from a photocopy of a page from the Erie employees magazine.

Ted located a drawing of the original double sheathed car; he sent me a copy which I misplaced.

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