third sale of Hendrickson kits

Tony Thompson

I am announcing today a sale of a third part of Richard Hendrickson's reserve of HO scale kits, Sunshine and several other manufacturers in this batch. Few if any of these are still available, so this is an opportunity for many of you. The list is attached below, for the third group of kits.
I will conduct the sale in the following way. Anyone wishing to buy kits should submit a bid directly to me, one and only one bid per kit, though of course you might wish to bid on more than one kit. [PLEASE remember to submit bids OFF the list, directly to me.] The highest bid for each kit will win.
The deadline for bids will be noon, Pacific time, on Monday, October 6. I will notify winning bidders promptly with payment instructions. If you do not hear from me by 3 PM Pacific time on October 6, 2014, you were not the successful bidder. I greatly prefer PayPal and will notify winners how to proceed on that; if PayPal is impossible for you, a check or money order is possible (include that information in your bid), and again, I will notify you how to submit it.
Minimum bid on each kit is $20, plus a nominal $5 for shipping for the first kit, $1.75 for each additional kit. All net revenue goes to Richard's widow Sandra. Kits remaining unsold on August 27 will go on eBay later. I will then take a break for a few weeks, but expect to have additional batches of kits thereafter.

Tony Thompson
2906 Forest Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 540-6538; e-mail: tony@...

List of kits, in order by kit number

Kit no. Description (per kit box)
4.1 Frisco steel-side rebuilt USRA double-sheath box car
61.3 ATSF Ga-26 50-ft. composite gondola
61.4 ATSF Ga-44 50-ft. autoframe loader gondola
62.2 UTLX X-3 short 8000-gallon tank car
62.3 UTLX X-3 long 8000-gallon tank car
64.41 ATSF Bx-28/Bx-31 10’ IH USRA rebuilt box car, map/Super Chief
74.5 SFRD Rr-35, -36, -39, -40 reefer, map/El Capitan
80.3 MoP 90500 series single-sheath box car, wood doors, Dreadnaught ends

HO-1051 CNR 1929 single-sheathed 40-ft. box car
HO-1073 CPR 1938, ’40, ’42 double-door auto box car
HO-1088 GTW 1935 rebuilt USRA box car, 460,000 series
HO-1094 GTW 1937 rebuilt auto box car, 587,000 series, 1939+ lettering

NGD-F013 Illinois Central single-sheathed box car
NGD-F018 B&LE PS-zero box car

5130 CN 8-hatch reefer, Dreadnaught ends
8201 PRR X26 box car, Hutchins roof, Creco & spliced doors, one-piece body

CGW #1932.410 1932 ARA Std. box car, Murphy ends, reverse 3-panel door

CN 503500 wood door box car

1500 36-ft. Fowler box car, CN decals
2851 GN 50-ft. single-sheathed box car
3311 USRA single-sheathed box car, MEC decals
3855 USRA double-sheath box, modernized, GN
4601 Bx-11 box car, Santa Fe
5252 S-40-4 stock car, modernized, UP/OSL
5352 S-40-6 stock car, modernized, UP
5951 B-50-20 box car , UP, AB brakes
6463 40-ft. Fowler clone box car, modern, D&RGW, AB brakes
7601 Sk-2 stock car, Santa Fe
8201 36-ft. Milwaukee stock car, SD, drop floor
8602 SFRD USRA reefer, Class Rr-X, one-piece body
8851 Mopac stock car, modernized, 52000 series
11552 ATSF stock/dump car, Class Sk-L,N,P Caswell modernized,
25th anniversary super kit

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