Re: GN Safety Film - 1941 - 20+ minutes of STMFC

Bill Welch

A couple of comments. In one of the scenes there are two ex-PRR R7 FGE reefers, one of which has only one grab iron on the left end of the side. This was not uncommon on these particular cars and of the four models I am building of them, one has a single long grab iron. I cannot remember when the rule went into effect but it was well before the date of this film. While on the subject, I have several photos of Columbus & Greenville SS boxcars post WWII, one in 1957, and none of the cars in the photos have the second grab. A nice detail to keep in mind when modeling.

Second, I think the creator of the model trains used to depict the train wreck towards the end of the film clearly loved freight cars as I saw some very nice models. He was one of us!

Bill welch

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