Re: ADMIN: Was Re: Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol. 29, now Fees to pay for a new wing on the Jail?


I can attest that the Sheriff in fact possesses ear protectors. I saw them today, as he prepared to descend into that jail, which must be louder than flange squeal from STMFCs (mandatory content) …

I am more or less computer-illiterate, but I offer the following method, patiently taught to me by Bruce Smith and several others. I use either Firefox or Internet Explorer: it works the same with either. No idea what happens with other browsers.

I have this group set to “no email”, so I view messages by going to the STMFC site. (I don’t know what happens with emails or digests.) To reply to a message (off list or on), I click “Reply”. A box appears for my reply; above the box, there’s a subject line. To the left of the subject line, there’s a double down arrow. To reply *off list*, I click the double down arrow. This expands some stuff above the subject line. Amongst other things, an address line appears. The default address is stmfc@... . To the right of that address, there’s a down arrow. To reply off list, I click the down arrow. A menu of addresses appears, one of which is the sender’s; to reply off list, that’s the one I want. (The others are various combinations of the sender’s, the group’s, and the Sheriff’s … whose wrath I fear. Better hide in the truss rods of an STMFC.)

Works for me. YMMV. Best of luck to y’all.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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