fourth sale of Hendrickson kits

Tony Thompson

I am announcing today a sale of a fourth part of Richard Hendrickson's reserve of HO scale kits, Sunshine and several other manufacturers in this batch. Only a few of these are still available, so this is an opportunity for many of you. The list is attached below, for the 4th group of kits.
I will conduct the sale in the following way. Anyone wishing to buy kits should submit a bid directly to me, one and only one bid per kit, though of course you might wish to bid on more than one kit. [PLEASE remember to submit bids OFF the list, directly to me.] The highest bid for each kit will win, or, in case of a tie, the earliest bid will win.
The deadline for bids will be noon, Pacific time, on Tuesday, October 21. I will notify winning bidders promptly with payment instructions. If you do not hear from me by 3 PM Pacific time on October 21, 2014, you were not the successful bidder. I greatly prefer PayPal and will notify winners how to proceed on that; if PayPal is impossible for you, a check or money order is possible (include that information in your bid), and again, I will notify you how to submit it.
Minimum bid on each kit is $20, plus a nominal $5 for shipping for the first kit, $1.75 for each additional kit. All net revenue goes to Richard's widow Sandra. Kits remaining unsold on October 21 will go on eBay later. I will then take another break, but expect to have one or more batches of additional kits thereafter.

Tony Thompson
2906 Forest Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 540-6538; e-mail: tony@...

List of kits, in order by kit number

Kit no. Description (per kit box)

Sunshine Models
24.28 SLRX fishbelly beer reefer, large herald, ’47 to ‘62
31.1 UP class B-50-32/33 box car, ACR sides, white/yellow lettering
45.12 ATSF 44’6” flat car, class Ft-M
50.4 ATSF class Ga-6 rebuilt gondola, Dreadnaught sides, Murphy ends
50? ATSF class Ga-8 rebuilt gondola, 10th anniversary kit
54.8 T&P 22000-series stock car, single deck
55.2 Rock Island 161000-series auto car, “Rock Island” herald
61.1 ATSF Ga-22, -25 40-ft. composite gondola
66.1 ATSF rebuilt 53’6” flat car, classes Ft-L or Ft-N
97.5 NC&StL 36-ft. XM32 steel rebuilt box car, Hutchins end

Funaro & Camerlengo
3301 Milwaukee 40-ft. automobile car
3701 GN 40-ft. wood truss-rod box car
6321 DL&W 40-ft. double-sheathed ARA 1924 box car, steel ends
8081 WRy of A 1923 XM-1 single-sheath box car, one-piece body
8180 ACF Type 7 high-walkway 8000-gallon tank car, Texaco
8201 PRR X26 box car, one-piece body, Hutchins roof, Creco & spliced doors

Westerfield Models
1901 MP 40-ft. single sheath box car, Murphy ends
2801 50-ft. single sheathed auto car, GN
3307 USRA single-sheathed box car, Southern Pacific
3311 USRA single-sheathed box car, MEC decals
3319 USRA single-sheath box car, Ann Arbor
3809 USRA double-sheath box car, Rock Island
4021 Class Bx-X box car, Santa Fe
4151 SU box car, Hutchins, modernized, Southern/A&D
4451 40-ft. Fowler box car, modernized, C&NW
5202 S-40-4 stock car, orig., UP & subsidiaries
5801 A-50-8 auto car, orig., UP
6404 40-ft. Fowler clone box car, 1915 orig. Rock Island
7861 Bx-0/5 box car, Murphy, modernized, Santa Fe
8201 36-ft. Milwaukee stock car, SD, drop floor
10053 X23 box car, new roof, Youngstown door, PRR
10455 GN 28000-series box car, 1937 & 41 lettering

West Shore Line
9002 NYC 1946 Despatch Shops 70-ton covered hopper
9104 NYC 1936 rebuilt USRA gondola, steel

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