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Brian Carlson


RP CYC 19 covered these cars and included photos of WofA 17464. Here's the kicker the WofA cars were 10'-0" IH whereas, the IM car models the 10'-6" car. Not  sure if that is a deal breaker for you. But if it is not, you want a copy of RPC 19.


Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

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If I have my facts straight, WofA 17423, series 17400-17464, was a WII war emergency box car. On hand is an Intermountain undecorated war emergency box car kit.

My questions are:

Is there a decal source? If no, the remaining questions are moot.

What basic color? I'm not fanatical about exact colors.

Is there a source for a photo? Might be hard to letter otherwise.

Are the basic Intermountain (replaceable) features – roof, door, trucks, hand brake - correct for the WofA car?

Would the WofA war emergency box cars still have had wood sides in 1950?

Gene Green

Out in the Badlands of New Mexico


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