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Bruce Smith


The W of A cars were 10' IH, as were a number of war emergency cars for southern roads.  The IM car is 10' 6" IH.  The correct car for the W of A is Sunshine kit 29.6.  The PDS for that kit has a photo of W of A 17464.  That same photo is included in the RPCyc article on these cars in RPCyc 19.  While color is not specified in the instructions, these cars were BCR.  The caption in RPCyc says the car was painted with "PPG Carhide #N-4780 RR Standard Paint.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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If I have my facts straight, WofA 17423, series 17400-17464, was a WII war emergency box car. On hand is an Intermountain undecorated war emergency box car kit.

My questions are:

Is there a decal source? If no, the remaining questions are moot.

What basic color? I'm not fanatical about exact colors.

Is there a source for a photo? Might be hard to letter otherwise.

Are the basic Intermountain (replaceable) features – roof, door, trucks, hand brake - correct for the WofA car?

Would the WofA war emergency box cars still have had wood sides in 1950?

Gene Green

Out in the Badlands of New Mexico

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