Re: C&O or NYC Well hole flat question

Seth Lakin

>I bought a brass C&O/NYC well hole flat in S scale was missing the brake staffs and brakewheels. While making my own brake staffs is no problem, I am curious as to the diameter and type of brakewheels that were used on these. Can anyone supply any photos or info?
Bud, I can point you in the right direction, well maybe, at least its a lead you can run down. I have a HO Quality Craft Models wood craftsman kit. The prototype is a NYC lot 802-F that was originally built for the C&O and later sold to the NYC.
There are articles in the November 1976 Railroad Model Craftsman and possibly in the February 1989 Mainline Modeler. I am not sure is that is the correct model for what you have, but at least its a lead.
Seth Lakin
Michigan City IN

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