Re: M.D.C. Triple Hopper


Thanks, Tim. I'm glad you could readily cite that article. I thought it might be helpful to the fellow who inquired about what to do with that old car he found. I had considered doing something of the kind back then, but so many more accurate models have appeared in recent years that I will probably never pursue that upgrade. I agree that one must be careful about old kitbash articles, but that's how many of us started down the prototype modeling trail years ago.

Jim Hunter

Quoting "Tim O'Connor [STMFC]" <>:

Jim --

RMJ 12/1991 pp.6-12 kitbash MDC kit to approximate T&P series
9600-9849 built 1952
w/ prototype photos TP #9699 (left side, A-end, B-end)

The MDC triple does bear a resemblance to these T&P cars. Once has to
be careful with a lot of older "kitbash" articles but this one is still
ok -- IOW there is presently no alternative short of scratchbuilding or
Shapeways to get a better HO model of this series of T&P hoppers.

Tim O'Connor

I hope someone else can help with this, but a long time ago there was
an article in Rail Model Journal or Model Railroading by Hawkins or
Hendrickson about upgrading the MDC triple hopper. I think the
prototype cited was T&P.
Jim Hunter

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