Re: C&O or NYC Well hole flat question

S. Busch

Bud Rindfleisch wrote asking about the missing brake wheels on his brass S scale C&O / NYC well hole flat car.
I looked through my C&O equipment diagram books and learned that C&O had two groups of 125 ton well hole flats, which were identical except for the length of the well.  Cars # 80975 through 80980 are shown as 52' 8" over the strikers, while cars # 80996 through 80999 are shown as 62' 6" over the strikers.  All the cars were built by Greenville Steel Car in January and February 1942.  Two of the 52' 8" cars (# 80976 and 80980) were sold to the NYC in 1950.    Seth Larkin's note replying to you has a link to the equipment diagram for the NYC cars.
All the cars were fitted with "Universal Multi-power removable staff" hand brakes, two per car, according to C&O's diagrams.  The top surface of the brake wheels stood 3' 1/8" above the car's deck.
Here is a link to a photo of the 62' 6" car from the C&O Historical Society's web site.  It shows the brake wheel in very fine detail.
Note the wheel is slightly dished, as seen here in photos 33 in the Model Railroad Hobbyist  Magazine November 2013 hand brake article by Richard Bale.
Being another one of those HO-rrible other-scale modelers, I'm sorry to say I don't know where these wheels may be available in S scale.
Steve Busch
Duncan, SC

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