Re: Naperville/Lisle Goodies

Tom Madden

Scott Haycock asked:

> Are any of these the domes that Bill Welch was working on awhile back?  

No, Bill's dome is for a 10K Semet-Solvay tank. The acid tanks are 7K and 8K and have much smaller domes. This photo shows the differences:

Bill's Semet-Solvay tank & dome are at the top, and the tank is based on an InterMountain 10K shell. Frank's 7K acid tank is at the bottom and is based on a shortened InterMountain 8K shell. Next to Bill's S-S tank is a replacement tank for the Sunshine Type 30 tank car kit, and below it (next to the acid tank) is a replacement tank for the Speedwitch N.A.T.X. tank car kit. Frank did the patterns for both of those, and both are also based on IM 8K shells.

Tom Madden


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