Re: Santa Fe rebuilt boxcar roof color

Greg Martin

Fenton, David and all,
My car is now finished as I mentioned and I shot the photos over the weekend between clouds. I have sent one member a teaser shot this evening and I can send anyone an embedded photo of the car's roof and running board.  However; it is not weathered as yet.
Greg Martin  
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Norman Maclean
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Fenton, et al,
     As a reminder, John Barry posted a very good discussion of painting and lettering Santa Fe rebuilds on his blog at  Additionally, there were a number of other posts to the SnT list and other forums on this subject to make it easier for modelers who do not model the Santa Fe to add a correctly painted and lettered ATSF rebuilt boxcar to their interchange fleet.  Enjoy the build!
HTH, Dave Sieber, Reno NV 

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