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Ed Hawkins

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In RPC 19, on page 42, Pat Wider notes the building of 200 "Victory"
Boxcars (19500-19699) built by Pullman Standard (Lot 5768) in Sept.
1944 for the Seaboard Air Line.

Does anyone have more information on these cars, or maybe a photo?
When the builders first reverted back to building steel freight cars
that had been composite due to the WW II steel shortage, they called
them "Victory" cars.

Regarding Seaboard 19500-19699, they were "normal" 1937 A.A.R. standard
all-steel box cars like the models offered in HO by Innovative Model
Works (originally), then by Red Caboose. They have also been offered in
S and O (quarter scale).

While there may be in-service photos from the series available, the
only photo I've come across is the Pullman-Standard builder's photo of
Seaboard 19599, built 9-44. The photo is available from the Smithsonian
Institution's Museum of American History, Haskell and Barker Car
Company Collection. They have original 8x10 negatives that can be
scanned for a fee (not inexpensive).

Two views are available:
Exterior 3/4-B side view - neg. no. 4421
Exterior "B" end - neg. no. 4422

The cars had "The Route of Courteous Service" slogans.

The following is a summary of information about these cars that comes
from the P-S bill of materials for lot 5768.

Dreadnaught Ends (4/5 corrugations); Murphy Roof; Youngstown Doors;
Ajax hand brakes; Apex Tri-lok running boards & brake steps;
A.A.R. spring plank type trucks (ASF or PSF 100 cars each); one wear
steel wheels.
Paint Specs:
DuPont SAL Standard Color - Sides, doors, ends, underframe, trucks
(side frames)
Black (car cement) - Roof
White (Snolite) - Stencils
Fire Plug Red - Monogram background (heart)

While the Pullman documentation indicates one wear steel wheels, the
builder's photo clearly shows chilled cast iron wheels on car no.

Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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