Re: CNW Accurail gondola


I asked:
"Current project is an Accurail CNW steel, high side, fixed ends gondola with number 69763. The kit number is "limited run for Trainfest 2008". A photo of the gondola with the number used by Accurail appears in the 1949 - 1950 Car Builders Cyclopedia on page 163. My problem is the ends. The kit has four dreadnaught ribs on ends while in the photo the car has ribs that have a wye on each end. What I call a "bow tie" design. If you have the Accurail kit this rib pattern is on the inside of the ends rather than on the outside. I am wondering if there is a 

Tom Madden replied:
"The end for the DT&I gon Shake 'n Take project from a few years back had that configuration, but had only three ribs. I think I still have the patterns for those somewhere in my casting studio, but I don't know if they're tall enough for the Accurail gon."
Doubt it as they're sized to fit the Athearn 50 ft gon. How about the Detail Associates #6221 Dreadnaught end from their GS gon kit?

Ben Hom

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