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Greg Martin

I checked the DT&I ends from the SHAKE N TAKE clinic and they are too narrow and too short. The height would be and easy fix if you're like me and don't mind fiddling; however, you need two ends to create one end that is long enough and although it is not a tough fix not one that most would want to take on if there truly is an alternative.
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean
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I asked:
"Current project is an Accurail CNW steel, high side, fixed ends gondola with number 69763.  A photo of the gondola with the number used by Accurail appears in the 1949 - 1950 Car Builders Cyclopedia on page 163. My problem is the ends. 

Ben Hom replied:
How about the Detail Associates #6221 Dreadnaught end from their GS gon kit?
I ordered the ends and I was pleased to find that when combined with the bottom portion of the Accurail end one could produce an end with " inside out " ribs matching the photo. 

Ben, Thank You.  And, Thank You to all others that made suggestions to solve my problem.

In writing this response I believe I accidentally hit the "send" button which sent a partially written portion of th is response.  My apology to the group for this.
Lester Breuer

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