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Dave Sarther

I've been using a Wixey digital caliper for years now while doing furniture building.  In the last few years I started to use it while working on my model railroad projects.  I believe I bought it at Woodcraft on one of their sales.  Does the job for me when I use it on woodworking or railroad  projects.  It gives digital readouts to the 1000th of an inch and it shows the faction of an inch readings when the 1000th of an inch readings are within a certain tolerance.  That way you can tell if the piece is heavy or light of a fractional reading.  For example it will show 3/16" along with the digital number if the decimal reading is between  0.186"  and 0.190" or 1/4" simultaneously if the reading is between 0.248" and  0.252".  If I forget to turn it off it has a built in memory function that shuts it down helping to extend the battery life. 
My personal opinion and comparison between a micrometer and a caliper is something akin to a slide rule and a calculator.  Both do the job just fine.  Using either can become a matter of habit or personal preference/training.
Later,  Dave Sarther    Tucson, AZ

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I have had a Helos non-digital dial micrometer since . . . about 1979 or so, and have never been able to use a “scale rule” with anything like the same accuracy.  “Scale rules”  are usually truly crudely made compared to the architects scales I’ve use in my work life.  Thick, with very wide markings leading to parallax errors.  The “inch” markings are a half inch wide.  Incidentally, I acquired my calipers with the help of a machinist, who had several delivered to his shop.  He and his staff compared them, and he said the one I have was the “closest to being accurate.”  Does that matter?  I don’t much think so, as long as you’re using the same one for all your work.  It’s not like our models are done by sharing them and people using different measuring tools.
Years ago, the Kadee paper catalog had a conversion chart on the back showing the decimal equivalents for full-size measurements.  I scanned it and could provide it to anyone interested.  It’s a .tiff file at the moment but I think I can convert that to a jpg or pdf.
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I have these but have noticed the have developed a slight curl away form each other. I know use some steel non Digital Verniers.
Bill Welch

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